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Fiber Characterization

Engineering and Project Design


Syncom works in partnership with manufacturers in developing the solution that best meets the real needs of our customers. Considering the real characteristics of existing infrastructure and need for expansion / growth for medium and long term.

Site Survey


We provide specialized site survey checks and comparison of the current conditions of the infrastructure requirements for telecommunications networks and especially for implementation and expansion of DWDM systems , as well as checking of the specific requirements for adequacy of these networks

Tests, AsBuilt e documentation


Syncom has equipment for testing as BERT OSA , OTDR , essential for measurement of the network requirements and identification of possible improvement needs . For each project, we elaborate thorough documentation containing all relevant information. The As Built serves as a control and management tool to the management of the network, as well as for future changes in infrastructure and services.

System configuration


Configuration / alignment / balancing of DWDM networks.

Network management


Syncom offers remote monitoring services for networks , allowing preventive actions to improve and ensure the customer's network performance and the availability, stability and reliability.



We provide support and system maintenance services 24/7/365 , with remote and on-site service , guided by SLA suited to the needs of each customer. 

Our team is prepared to meet first, second and third levels of complexity, yet relying on the third level of the manufacturers we support. We also offer complete RMA services.

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